Our Mission

We strive to support each person in a positive and nurturing environment, which integrates all aspects of living, working, and learning, and acknowledges their place as a valued and viable member of the community.

RCM has developed an innovative and creative approach to working with people with Intellectual Disabilities through self-determined choices and experiences tailored to individual dreams, desires, and needs. We promote opportunities for building relationships and  integrating into the community.

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Get Involved

There would be no RCM without our volunteers and community supporters.

From the beginning, we have relied on the generosity of others. Whether this be people donating their time, knowledge, or simply supporting us online.

We thank everyone who has volunteered over the years and we welcome any new faces!

If you have a passion for our field and want to contribute to a great organization, contact us and get involved today!

Our Services

  • Residential Services

    We provide supports and services
    designed to enable people with Intellectual Disabilities
    to live as independently
    as possible.
    Click here to find out
    more about our
    Residential Services.

  • Day Services

    We provide Retirement Services to seniors with Intellectual Disabilities; and Pre-Vocational and Supported Employment Services to people interested in joining the workforce and may need a little assistance in doing so. Click here to find out more about our Day Services.

  • Careers

    Whether you are looking for employment supporting people with Intellectual Disabilities or whether you are person with an Intellectual Disability looking work supports in joining the workforce….we have something for everyone!
    Click here to find out more.

  • Training & Consulting

    We provide training and consulting services in a variety of different arenas including; but not limited to, DDS required trainings, value based learning, diversity training, and a number of trainings around employment initiatives. Click here to find out more exciting trainings.