Why choose us?

Years of Experience:

Since 1998, RCM of Washington, Inc. has supported people in developing their abilities and skills, helping them become responsible community stake- holders. This support allows people to secure jobs that are beneficial to both them and their employer.

We have the Know How:

Employment Specialists are knowledgeable as to current best-practiced job-placement models. This knowledge base ensures that the experience/ job fits each person’s dreams, desires, and needs.


Are you looking for work? Have you struggled to get an interview? Do you need help keeping the job you have?

RCM of Washington offers a comprehensive program to help you find your next opportunity or maintain your current employment!


Creation of Individual Employment Plan
RCM of Washington’s Employment Specialist are trained in providing Customized Employment services and can provide job seekers connections to many local District of Columbia employers.

Interview Preparation
Are you prepared when an employer calls you for a phone interview? Do you have questions prepared to ask the employer? RCM of Washington has Employment Specialist happy to set up mock interviews and help you organize all your responses for a successful interview!

Resume Development
Is your resume highlighting all of your attributes? Allow our Employment Specialist to give you feedback and help you construct the resume for the job you want!

Job Fairs and Networking
Our Employment Specialist are knowledgeable and well connected with a variety of sectors and industries. We work hard to establish beneficial relationships in the local business community to accelerate your employment search!

Dressing for Success
Need clothing to go to local job fairs or to attend an interview? We have community based resources to help you dress for success!

Resources and Training
RCM knows you may need additional education, training, or certifications once you begin a job. We can help you get connected with local resources to further excel in your career!

Employment Coaching
Job coaches are individuals who specialize in assisting individuals with disabilities to learn and accurately carry out job duties. Job coaches provide one-on-one training tailored to the needs of the employee.

Travel Training
Travel Training is key to get to and from work. RCM of Washington offers Travel Training for program participants to learn to use the fixed-route public transit services (bus and train) to get to work. One of our Employment Specialist will work with you to design individualized training to use public transportation to get to a location of your choosing. 

Work Incentive Counseling
Are you concerned about your SSI or SSDI check? Can you keep Medicaid? What about housing? RCM can help you answer all those questions on an individual basis. Work incentive counseling enable beneficiaries with disabilities to make informed choices about work, and to support working beneficiaries to make a successful transition to self-sufficiency. 

To schedule an information call or meeting, please contact us today at (202) 789-1930 or info@rcmofwashington.com