Leadership Team

Juliette Prioleau Michael, Director of Operations

Juliette Prioleau Michael is the Director of Operations and has worked at RCM since 2007. She has worked in an array of roles, including Human Resources, Finance, Administrative Support, and Incident Management. She holds a BA in Human Relations from Trinity Washington University and a Master of Science in Law Degree with a Health Care Law specialty from University of Maryland Baltimore.

Juliette is passionate about advocacy work and learning about other cultures that developed from growing up an “Army Brat”. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband, three children and is an avid Eagles football fan.

Chandra Connolly, Director of Day and Employment Services

Ms. Connolly began her career in the disability field in 1995 after graduating from Howard University with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Business Management with a minor in Computer-Based Information Systems.  She received her Master of Education from Kaplan University in 2010.  Ms. Connolly has served in several capacities during her twenty-three years in the disability field as a Vocational Instructor, Job Coach, Employment Specialist, Vocational Evaluator, Specialized Training Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Program Manager, and Director. 

She currently serves as the Director of Day and Employment Services with RCM of Washington, Inc.  In her role, Ms. Connolly oversees the day and employment programs within RCM.  She also has ACRE certified thru DC Dept. of Disability Services and is a member of APSE. Ms. Connolly markets RCM services to local and private businesses and agencies.  She also maintains partnerships with local and state rehabilitation agencies to assist individuals in achieving successful employment outcomes.  Ms. Connolly is an advocate for persons with disabilities and resides in the Maryland with her son Elijah Connolly who was diagnosed with a disability in 2003.

Birhanie Tessema, Clinical Director

Birhanie Tessema is the Clinical Director of RCM of Washington. He has over 11 years of healthcare experience and has held leadership positions in different healthcare systems. A native of Ethiopia, Birhanie began his career at Melkawerer Health Center as a Junior Nurse Professional before he joined Bahirdar Health Science College. There, he moved into increasingly senior positions, becoming Lead Clinical Nurse and eventually culminating in the Nursing Program Director role.

Since joining RCM of Washington, Birhanie has been an integral and highly visible leader in the clinical department. He is passionate about the field of nursing and teaching in general, and has become an enthusiastic and devoted professional to the field of Developmental Disability Nursing. Birhanie received a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Haramaya University and a master’s degree in Public Health from University of Gondar.

Angele Eyamba Woulard, Program Director

Angele received a Graduate Degree in Business Administration from Loyola University in New Orleans, and is the Program Director for RCM Of Washington, Inc. Even though the business world was promising, during her internship at the City Hall in New Orleans, Angele was part of a group project aimed at promoting the advancement of people with Disabilities; by choice, not by coincidence, she made the commitment to be in service of the people who need support.

Angele moved from New Orleans to Washington DC, in 2001. In July of 2003, she joined the RCM family as a QIDP; in 2004 she was promoted to a Program Director, the position that she holds since. She is a member of the Restrictive Control Review (RCRC) at the Department Of Disability Services.

In her free time, Angele visits her children in New Orleans, and other family members abroad. On Sundays, she volunteers in Church during the service.

Erica Solomon, Human Resources Manager

Prior to joining RCM in 2018, Erica worked in senior-level HR positions in the education, healthcare technology, and professional services industries. While her work in HR is always professionally rewarding, Erica has shared that her time at RCM is the first time in her career that her work has impacted her so personally. She is humbled and invigorated by the generosity, kindness, and commitment she’s observed by the people RCM supports and their support staff.  

Born and raised in the DMV, Erica is a proud graduate of the PG County Public School system and Morgan State University, where she received a B.S. in Business Administration. Erica enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, a great story, and strong cups of coffee.

Nathalie Fenno, Director of Quality Improvement

Nathalie Fenno has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. From 2013 to 2020, Nathalie has held numerous roles at RCM. She started as a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional, before moving on to Senior Compliance and Incident Management. She moved to New Orleans in 2018 and while there served as the Director of Adult Day Health Services at Kingsley House. She returned to RCM in 2020, starting her current role as the Director of Quality Improvement. Nathalie also has extensive international experience working in the Republic of Cameroon where she was the Director of the Cerebral Palsy Center for Promhandicam Association (2005-2009) and as Founder of SUMEDIN ( 2007-2016), a non-profit organization created to facilitate community inclusion for children with development and intellectual disabilities.

Nathalie has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology- Pre-Medicine from Louisiana State University and minors in Psychology-Sociology, Intervention in Intellectual Disability and Early Childhood Development from the University of Montreal, QC, Canada.   

Nathalie says she has a passion for helping people, and that helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.

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