Host Home

The Host Home Program allows people with developmental disabilities to live with a caregiver / family of their choice, other than a parent, spouse, or guardian, within the community.

The Host Home service is provided through a Host Home Provider (such as RCM) within the Department of Disabilities Administration (DDA). Host Home living arrangements are a great option for people looking for a more family-oriented model.

Becoming a Host Home is a great way to offer a home and support structure to a person wanting this type of living arrangement. Host Homes operate like independent contractors with earnings receiving tax-free status.

Michael and Steven live in a cozy home in Northwest DC with their host ‘mom’, Ms. Conners. They work hard and share household responsibilities but also know how to party!

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Our Guarantee

To remain committed to increasing and enhancing community supports and opportunities for people living with disabilities.

To promote self-advocacy and the advancement of people with disabilities as community stakeholders and fellow citizens.

To collaborate with government agencies and the community in a transparent and fiscally responsible manner.

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