Residential Habilitation

Residential Habilitation living arrangements are generally offered in single family homes and are funded through the 1915i DDA Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver (HCBA). Residential Habilitation Services are provided in a Department of Health Licensed Community Residence Home that supports four to six people in the community.

There are a cadre of wrap around services offered to people living in a Residential Habilitation home. The services are determined on an as needed basis and there is no limitation to the amount or level of services needed / provided. This option is desirable for people that do not mind living with roommates, and like to be social with people they live with.

Other services offered through the HCBA can be found on the website.

Matthew lives in Northeast DC and enjoys volunteering at the local animal shelter. As you can see, he’s very popular there!

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Our Guarantee

To remain committed to increasing and enhancing community supports and opportunities for people living with disabilities.

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